Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones

Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones
Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones Sennheiser IE 8i Earphones
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The Sennheiser IE 8i features the world's first continuously variable bass response adjustment on each earpiece, with up to 26 dB of noise reduction that's perfect for loud stages, airline cabins, rehearsal rooms, and more. The dynamic speaker system with powerful neodymium magnets ensures outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity, all with a unique, manual frequency response tuning functionality.This item is manufactured in China.


The IE 8i headphones are a small and discreet earbud-style headphones. The drivers are enclosed in diamond-shaped translucent gray plastic. One of the best aspects of these headphones is the custom fit which people who’ve had their earbud headphones constantly pop out place can truly appreciate. Sennheiser provides 16 swappable fitting pieces to ensure a snug fit inside your ear.
A pair of ear clip adapters are included with the product. They work by feeding the left and right wires into the ear clip canals. These adapters secure the ear pieces in place and anchor them when the cable is tugged.
A great feature to the IE 8i headphones is a modular user-replaceable cable. The cable that ships with the headphones measure 1.2m (3.9ft) long from connector to ear piece. A shorter 0.8m (2.6ft) cable is available from Sennheiser. If the cable or 3.5mm connector is damaged then the user can simply detach the bad cable at the ear pieces and replace with a new one.


I normally use full cup headphones and so I was surprised to find these in-ear headphones delivering comparable sound quality. The Low 10 Hz provides a very deep bass while the mid-range and upper limit 20 KHz delivers rich clear sound. I now have more faith in earbud style headphones for pro audio usage.
One of the unique feature for these headphones is a dial to adjust bass frequency. A small dial with five notches is located on the side of each driver. Using the included adjustment tool, the bass frequency can be adjusted to better suit the application and environment. For example, a musician may want to increase the bass frequency to hear bass drum patterns better.
Pro audio environments require close attention to audio detail. Noise isolation is a must and the IE 8i handles up to 26dB of attenuation. Although it is important to notice the headphones setup plays a role. The thicker foam fitting pieces yield the best audio attenuation. Also positioning the cable at the driver above and behind the ear will help keep audio air pressure in and noise out.


Sennheiser offers these headphones in two models, the IE 8 and the IE 8i.  The difference is that the IE 8i has controls for an Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  A set of controls are located on the headphones cable that consist of minus, plus, and center buttons as well as a microphone.
The minus and plus buttons control the volume. When listening to music the center button toggles play and pause. Press twice quickly the track skips forward one song. Press three times quickly the track skips backward one song. I found it difficult to register three quick presses. Often times it would register two presses and skip forward. The timing can be learned after some time but it was the only control that was difficult to pull off. The center button can also be used to answer incoming phone calls.
A microphone on the controls allows the user to continue talking while leaving the phone inside his/her pocket. The controls and microphone are made possible by the 3.5mm TRRS connector that has 4 conductors.


Dynamic drivers with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity
Smart remote with mic to control the iPhone
Durable housing and rugged, interchangeable cable
Unique, manual bass response tuning function
Sleek ergonomic design and various types and sizes (S/M/L) of ear adapters ensure a comfortable, secure fit and excellent attenuation of ambient noise
Optimised for professional monitoring use and ideal for portable MP3 and CD players
1-year warranty

What's in the box

IE 8i
Protective case
Standard ear adapters (S/M/L)
Lamella ear adapters (S/M/L)
Mushroom ear adapters (S/L)
Foam ear adapters (S/L)
Cable clip
Cleaning tool
Dry salt pad

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Tips for Using Headphones:

1. Choose high quality headphones
2. Try to keep the volume between 40db ~ 60db ( like the volume of normal conversation, better be soft and not harsh ). Do not turn up for exciting seeking so as to avoid biting the ears and damaging hearing.
3. After listening for half and hour, take down the headphones and let your ears have a rest. Do remember not using for long time.
4. Do not wear headphones to listening to music when riding, driving or walking, so as to avoid accidents.
5. If appearing unpleasant symptoms like dizziness, earache, occlusion and so on, stop using headphones for a short time and be sure to get plenty of rest.
6. If appearing tinnitus ( like cicada crying, whistle, metallic sound and so on) or progressive reduction in hearing capacity, must go to the ENT to have a check and get the treatment in time. It is very importing to prevent deafness. 
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