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To make purchase, you shall create an account on our website. Just add the items into shopping cart, choose the shipping, payment options,and then process the payment. It is for your convenience to track your open order status. AS We accept only VISA / Master card payment on if you want to pay with a Maestro/Debit card and Webmoney, Please make your new orders on our branch store: comes with a success rate up to 99%.
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About Payment
We accept payment via credit card, Western Union, MoneyGram, Coinstar Money Transfer and RIA Money Transfer which are all safe and convenient to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Payment

1. After buyer uses credit card to pay for the order, the payment will be processed in 24 hoursThe billing descriptor will be shown as if the order go throughwhile payment under review(within 24 hours), please do not place  or pay for duplicated orders.

2. For orders under review, customer service staff will update the order status in time: processing, payment success,payment declined. Buyers please check the order  status in time.

3. Buyer Cancelling Order: 
   in the processing state, Third-party Payment bank will not charge buyer any handling fee and refund will be back to customer's account  immediately; 
   in the success state, Third-party Payment bank will charge buyer 5% handling fee and refund will be back to customer's account in 4~10 working days (depending on buyer's credit card bank). If buyer does not receive refund in a long time, buyer please contact our customer service email and we will contact Third-party Payment bank and follow buyer's problem.

4. Main Reasons for Failure of Credit Card Payment:
  1) incomplete or incorrect information; suspend payment in progress
  2) unauthorized transaction
  3) not sufficient funds or expired card
  4) payment in high risk area
  5) for cross-border or cross-regional transaction, the card buyer used is not a native card
  6) pay repeatly with same IP within a short time, or with same IP but long distance consumption location within a short time
  7) single payment limit is too high
  8) card with a bad transaction history
  9) card issuer declines the charge 

5. To ensure transaction security and reduce risk of buyer's chargeback(caused by Stolen card, Pick-up, etc) in the later stage, Third-party Payment bank will review the risk of every buyer's paying order(pay with credit card) in 24 hours. If there's risk in buyer's fund source(Stolen card, Pick-up, etc), the payment will not be processed and the order will be closed.

6. If buyer's credit card information is correct but payment is still failed, we suggest customers going to our another online store to make the payment, which comes with a success rate up to 99%. 

If you have any problem when finish your payment, pls contact us via

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